PyVista + Trame = Jupyter 3D Visualization

We’ve recently been improving the support between PyVista and Trame to provide a cutting-edge viewer for Jupyter. This is included in PyVista’s latest 0.38.1 release!

pip install 'pyvista[jupyter]>=0.38.1'
  1. Trame provides a high-level framework for building reactive, stateful web applications
  2. PyVista provides a high-level framework for 3D visualization, exposing VTK in a “Pythonic” manner

High-level framework 1 + high-level framework 2 = a streamlined approach to making powerful web applications with 3D visualization front and center.

An example of this I am most thrilled to share is with Jupyter Notebooks. For PyVista’s latest release, we included a Jupyter widget built on Trame that will connect to a PyVista Plotter to stream both server-rendered visualizations and/or the scene data for client-side rendering with VTK.js.

I’d include a video, but I’m limited to upload sizes of 4Mb. Perhaps check out my tweet:

More information

Feel free to post questions here, and I’d be happy share more!


I also want to highlight a long-requested feature for PyVista from VTK power-users: vtkAgorithm support with PyVista’s Plotter API. This was also added in PyVista’s 0.38.1 release, and we have examples here:

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