QQuickVTKRenderItem not working on emscripten


I am trying to use the QQuickVTKRenderItem to render a vtk scene in a qml for web application using emscripten.

For my purpose i just changed the test in (GUISupport\QtQuick\Testing\Cxx) to be able to build and run for emscripten based on exemple in (Examples\Emscripten\Cxx\Cone)

All things are ok at build and compilation stage.

When i run my exemple on the browser (i tryed Chrome, mozilla and edge) i have the following WebGL warnning, in addition the rendering is not done (i have a white page)

“WebGL warning: blitFramebuffer: DRAW_FRAMEBUFFER may not have multiple samples”

Any ideas to fix this Webgl warning ?

Note : i am using VTk 9.1 and Qt 5.15.2.

Thank you in advance.



@Zoheir, First, verify that you can do any WebGL rendering with QML + emscriptem (without VTK). I haven’t seen anyone doing that and am not sure if it is supported.

Regarding the warning, QQuickVTKRenderWindow disables multisampling on the vtkRenderWindow but you might have to set up a QSurfaceFormat to disable it on the QtQuick items as well.