Question about vtkOpenGLRenderWindow function added SetFrameBlitMode

Hi All in this MR SetFrameBlitMode was added to vtkOpenGLRenderWindow :slight_smile:

I had a problem where rendering Volume with vtkFixedPointVolumeRayCastMapper on MAC with Windows Parallels and graphic card "Parallels display adapter (WDDM)) was rendering nothing.

The actual error (using opengl debbuger GLInterceptx) was :

invalid operation , glBlitFramebuffer error 0x0502

After reading a lot in google for this problem

I understand that new VTK versions uses OpenGL2 and using SetFrameBlitModeToBlitToHardware
on the rendering window (vtkOpenGLRenderWindow) Solved the issue .

Also we can see here that this bug was not fixed yet in VTK

1.Can you please explain why/how this fixes the issue ?
2. maybe this MR added an issue ?

Some one said :

The issue is that multisampling is being used but the size is mismatched between what VTK is rendering and the framebuffer. It is illegal to blit multisampled buffers of different sizes. Of course they should be the same size :slight_smile: There was a bug in cocoa resizing that was patched yesterday. Can you try it again with the current release branch from today?"

  1. Is it the same case ? because of the M1 graphic card architecture ?

  2. What are differences between :slight_smile:

Thanks !

This issue you link is specific to macOS, could you open an issue for your specific usecase ?

What do you mean please ? I write that my case is also on mac but with windows parallels .