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I hope to display 3D images on the web side through trame, and set the interaction mode as “Up” with the keyboard, but there is no response. I want to know, once the images are transferred to the web side through trame, can I still set keyPress event

Can you share your code base? Is your question related to “how to bind keyboard events” with trame?

Thank you for your answer, I’ve solved my interaction problems in other ways. But I also want to know why the keyPress event is no response. I only wrote the code using vtk’s keyboard binding, if I don’t use trame, the keyboard event is valid, if I do use trame, should I set trame’s keyboard binding, not vtk’s keyboard binding mode

When using trame, you have to forward user input to the server. trame-vtk does it by default with the mouse but not the keyboard. Ideally we should forward everything to VTK when it make sense but so far we let the application handle it.

So the keyboard binding needs to happen within your application (trame) and outside of VTK.


Thank you for your answer. It helps me a lot. Good luck to you.

How to capture keyboard events in trame?

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