Rasterized output with vtkOpenGLGL2PSExporter

Dear all,

I have recently upgraded to VTK 8.2 and using vtkOpenGLGL2PSExporter to export vector graphics formats such as PDF, EPS and SVG.
I am facing the similar problem as discussed here -https://public.kitware.com/pipermail/vtkusers/2018-June/101981.html

As mentioned, doing port for the cdat.
Will this issue be handled in next VTK release as well?

Thank you.

Dear Sowmiya,

Export to PDF / PS as vector graphics should work well for content inside a Context2D - we wrapped up most of our work for CDAT. That is available in VTK master, but probably not in VTK 8.2.

Exporting content in a regular Renderer will rasterize that content.

Thanks for the information.

One quick question, when will be the next VTK release (roughly) ?