Rebase any topic created before 2023.07.25

Following the introduction of the SPDX related improvements (MR-10320), it is now required to rebase existing topics.

Failure to do so will lead in KitwareRobot reporting CI has not completed successfully; please see the CI pipeline.


Due to the fact the original topic was not based of the latest master at the time of the CI pipeline, it was integrated after some changes without the required SPDX comments were merged.



For those curious, this happens because we do not serialize our MR process. Basically, there are 2 MRs:

  • one adds a new test
  • another adds code that fails under the new test

Independently, they each pass CI, but when put together, they cause failures (a “logical conflict”) that only the merged CI ends up noticing. Anything based on this merge before the problem is fixed will inherit the problem too. These usually happen when one of the two above end up being a project-wide fix (e.g., updating CI, symbol mangling, the SPDX addition/CI, etc.). Typically, if both are doing something like this, they end up with code conflicts as well which is caught before merging.