Remote view example in vtk.js

I’m learning the remote view example in vtk.js (vtk.js) . I have successfully worked on this example, but need expand it to multi-users. I referred the previous discussions and have configured Apache. When I open the browser, the backend window can popup, but there are some error messages in the browser. I have removed the sessionURL in the client codes in that example, are there any other codes need change?
Thanks in advance.

Zhuangming Shen

Please share the full network exchange.
But based on what you are saying, the launcher seems to properly start a new process per user but the client fail to connect back to it. Usually when that happen, it is because something is not working between the launcher writing D:/Reference/Project/remote_remdering_v2/proxy.txt and apache reading it.

Does that file provide the proper mapping between session id and host:port?
If so, does Apache is able to read it (no access error?)

@Sebastien_Jourdain Thanks for your useful response. I finally realized my sessionURL configuration in launcher.config is not correct. Now it can work. Thanks again.

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