Removing all inputs


I have a vtkBooleanOperationPolyDataFilter, ports 0 and 1 have been set with information.When I call RemoveAllInputs(), port 0 has 0 input connections but port 1 still has an input connection. Can any suggest a solution?

Thanks. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Try RemoveAllInputConnections(0) and RemoveAllInputConnections(1).

I did. I got this error:

ERROR: In /work/standalone-x64-build/VTK-source/Filters/General/vtkOBBTree.cxx, line 1058
vtkOBBTree (0x801dfa0): Can’t build OBB tree - no data available!

There is no data available because you have removed the inputs.

I suggest getting a better feel for how to use the filter with the simplest code you can create and make sure that it works as you want. In this case, start with a single boolean operations filter and give it two inputs. Make sure that works. Then you can add slowly add some complexity and go from there.

I remove the data, then add new data, then i render it.