Removing prop handles

I have an image actor on which different tools like distance or angle may be placed. Trying to integrate a feature where user can remove individual tools by clicking on them. It is Qt IDE language c++. Below is my code snippet

            int* clickPos = renderWindowInteractor->GetEventPosition();
            vtkNew<vtkPropPicker> picker;
            picker->Pick(clickPos[0], clickPos[1], 0, renderer);

            double* pos = picker->GetPickPosition();
            qDebug()<<"Pick position (world coordinates) :"<<pos[0]<<pos[1];

            auto pickedProp = picker->GetViewProp();

            if(pickedProp == nullptr){
                qDebug()<<"No prop picked";
                qDebug()<<"Picked prop:"<<pickedProp;

                if(pickedProp!=actor // image actor shouldn't be removable
                    //Doesn't remove handles at end points

I have this placed in event filter, for left button down event - so that position may be caught. However the problem is - deleting the picked prop doesn’t delete the handles at the end - which are used to pick and reposition the tool. How to delete those as well while removing the prop?