Resizing canvas using interactor (WASM with threading)

I have replicated the setup from vtkWasmBenchmarks, where I use vtkRenderWindowInteractor::InteractorManagesTheEventLoop = false. It works perfectly.

I followed the latest build instructions for VTK+WASM (updated a week ago) with threading enabled. I managed to get things to work using SharedArrayBuffer. Threading indeed works, but I am encountering situations where the canvas is not resized correctly (initially) and some LeftButtonReleaseEvents are missing. This, I will need to debug.

Short question:
Would it be an idea to use the vtkWebAssemblyRenderWindowInteractor.h instead of vtkRenderWindowInteractor. I can see from your examples, that you can query the dimensions of the parent window using a canvas id? Also, have you @jaswantp tried a setup with vtkWebAssemblyRenderWindowInteractor and threading?

Thanks in advance

Quick answer:
This was an issue in the way emscripten forwarded resize requests from the web worker to main thread.
See wasm64: html5 callbacks throw type error when proxying to pthread · Issue #21851 · emscripten-core/emscripten · GitHub. It was fixed in emsdk 3.1.60.

There is nothing to change in VTK. Please continue using vtkRenderWindowInteractor. The object factory mechanism automatically selects vtkWebAssemblyRenderWindowInteractor for you. updates VTK to use emsdk 3.1.60

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Thank you. We are using 3.1.56. Will update to 3.1.60

Also I noticed that the vtkWebAssemblyInteractor.js was not installed, but it is fixed now, I see