ResliceCursorWidget does not operate the cross selector normally on the mobile touch screen

ResliceCursorWidget cannot operate the cross selector normally on the touch screen of the mobile terminal, and the moving sphere and rotating sphere of the cross selector cannot be selected

@Forrest ResliceCursorWidget fails to have handles “touched” because the “LeftButtonPress” event is first handled by the ResliceCursorWidget, and THEN handled by the widget manager (due to this?).
Problem is, it is the widget manager that calls getSelectedState() on the widget representation. And the widget can only process the LeftButtonPress event correctly if getSelectedState() has been previously called (this is typically not an issue in desktop because the move events before left button press have already called getSelectedState()).

Shouldn’t getSelectedState() be called BEFORE the widget handles the LeftButtonPress event ? hence the widget manager handles the LeftButtonPress event ?

I’m revisiting how the widget manager handles touch. getSelectedState() should be called before LeftButtonPress. However, getting the current selection is asynchronous, while event processing is synchronous. This leads to a tricky spot where we need to somehow guarantee that we select the state prior to the press event.

Excuse me, is there a temporary solution to this problem? I need to demonstrate this demo in the report

A temporary solution could be to use a version <24.3 of VTK.js.
Hopefully that would work.

Hello, I installed version 24.2.2, and the cross operator doesn’t work at all compared to the latest version. In the latest version, if the cross manipulator does not perform any operation (such as move mouse to modify the window width and window level), a certain operation type (move or rotate) of the cross manipulator will work.

Hello, have you found a solution to the touch screen problem? In which version will this issue be fixed?

Hi, not yet. The underlying causes of this issue are complicated to resolve. We will update when we find a resolution to this issue.