ResliceCursorWidget example initialization problem

1、During initialization, the default value of vtkAnnotatedCubeActor is +z. It needs to be operated to display normally. How do I refresh the state?

2、In the volume image in the lower right corner, the +z plane is displayed by default after initialization. How to set other planes to be displayed by default?

I think that’s a bug with the orientation widget. Those views aren’t all looking down +Z; if you click in the scene, the orientation widget corrects itself.

The following PR attempts to fix 1)

For 2), you need to get the view3D active camera and set the camera position manually to reorient the default camera (e.g. view3D.renderer.getActiveCamera().setPosition(...) near line 360 of the example)

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Hello, regarding the first question, has the version been updated? After upgrading the npm package, it still doesn’t work, what should I do?

The PR wasn’t merged, my bad. I’ve merged it, and after the release occurs the fix should be in the latest vtk.js.