ResliceCursorWidget with ManyRenderWindows


I’m trying to use many render windows in one gl context for my reslice cursor widget implementation.

Therefor I create one main render window and add the three child views like in the example of ManyRenderWindows. I’m also creating three widgetManager instances and add the resliceCursorWidget to it with widgetManager.addWidget(…) like in the ResliceCursorWidget example.

The problem is, when I’m dragging over one of my div element (parent of my canvas), the canvas element gets overwritten by the content of another viewType.

Is it possible to use one resliceCursorWidget within three renderWindows in one gl context?

Thank you,

Same effect when i add a widgetManager to the ManyRenderWindows example on line 233:

const widgetManager = vtkWidgetManager.newInstance();

Is it possible to use one widget manager per viewType/renderWindow/renderer of my ResliceCursorWidget example?