Seek help! What is the replacement of the inputport and outputport classes in vtk7.1.1?


I am assuming that you are upgrading to a more recent version of VTK. The VTK pipeline was complety redesigned for VTK 5 onwards.

  1. You now use combinations of: SetInput() , SetInputConnection(), GetOutput(), GetOutputPort()
  2. This may help: Migration/Replacement of SetInput.
  3. This section in the VTK FAQ may help.

Also look at the vtk-examples to see the pipelines in action. These will compile with VTK 9+ and VTK 8.9.

Thank you for your reply.,I still don’t quite understand. I’m going to write a visual parallel program according to the example in Paraview, in which the inputport and outputport classes are used for data transfer between processes. However, I can’t find these two classes and their substitutes in the new VTK version. I hope you can give some suggestions and look forward to your reply.,Thanks.841014d6f6f557537054dcf1a962137 cbabd81e21da74e275450fb4e643785

I’m not sure I can help any further. Perhaps you should be asking this question on the ParaView Discourse site. Note that vtkOutputPortand vtkInputPort were removed in VTK 5.0, however they were still in the in the VTK source distributed with an old version of ParaView (VTK 5.1.0), so these files must have been added just for ParaView.

You mention an example in ParaView, what is the link to the example? Maybe there is a more recent version of that example.

A good resource may be here.
Also some of the tests here will provide you with some clues.