Separate "Support" topics: Advanced vs. General Use

(Bane Sullivan) #1

It seems to me like there is a wide spread of questions under the “Support” topic - it often gets a bit overwhelming to sift through all the posts as there are questions posed from expert VTK users about some crazy complicated rendering routine to questions from new users of VTK that simply want to load a VTK file into NumPy arrays in Python.

At times, I feel it doesn’t make sense to have threads on advanced use case discussions under the same category as questions about loading a file.

I propose separating the “Support” topic into “Support for Advanced Users” and "Support for General Use"

(Bane Sullivan) #2

Also, “Support” for compiling VTK from source with special options and “Support” for software usage seem very different in my mind - perhaps there should be a “Support for Building and Compiling VTK” topic

(Andras Lasso) #3

I don’t think easy and hard questions could be or should be divided into separate categories and it is not commonly done either. However, I can see how posting in a dedicated “Beginner questions” section could be less intimidating to people new to VTK. So, if the goal is to get more questions from new users via Discourse then it could be worth considering.

For helping readers sort through many posts, tags have much better potential because you can have many more tags than categories and you can attach multiple tags to a single topic. You can sign up for notifications about certain tags the same way as can get notifications about posts in selected categories.

(Bane Sullivan) #4

I like the idea of keeping everything under one support category with lots of tags for different topics.

It currently seems to me like the tags aren’t being used very much… can all users here tag their post?

(Bane Sullivan) #5

Ah I see now - tags have to be added when creating the thread.

The current selection of tags are very limited - can we expand this?

(Andras Lasso) #6

By default, discourse allows creating new tags above a certain trust level. I am currently at “member” level and I cannot add new categories, so I guess VTK forum moderators reserve the right to create categories. I guess if you request some new categories then they would be added.