Sprays simulation

Is it possible to create a topic branch about the sprays simulation for VTK::FiltersFlowPaths.

The vtkLagrangianParticleTracker helped me for the inject and track particles in a flow (simulation), thanks VTK. I was guessing VTK can also help me for the sprays simulation which describing primary breakup phenomena (please see the details with the references below), but I can’t find the API in VTK. I later found out that this is part of the simulation software (LISAAtomisation.h of OpenFOAM) and not the visualization software (VTK), so please indicate me if the sprays simulation can/will be part of VTK?


  • Atomizer Model Theory
  • P.K. Senecal, D.P. Schmidt, I. Nouar, C.J. Rutland, R.D. Reitz, M. Corradini “Modeling high-speed viscous liquid sheet atomisation” International Journal of Multiphase Flow 25 (1999) pags. 1073-1097

VTK is not a simulation software but the lagrangian particle tracker can indeed let you implement any kind of breakup phenomena using the split particle API.


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It’s amazing.

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