Status of `mun`

It appears as though the mun buildbot machine has fallen ill. We’ll be working to restore it in the coming week or two, but in the meantime this means that VTK is without Windows testing. Please be careful.

There’s only one Windows buildbot? No community submissions either? That’s a pity.

I thought there might be some nightly submitters, but it seems not :frowning: . That still wouldn’t help MRs though.

mun seems to be back. It’s churning through its backlog. Here’s a list of the changes:

  • CMake 3.12.4 -> 3.18.0-rc2
  • MSVC 2015 -> 2019
  • Qt 5.9 -> 5.12.6
  • TBB 2017 -> 2019
  • Python 3.5 -> 3.8.3

A mostly successful run was made.