Subcategories for Glance, VolView, vtk.js and vtk.wasm?

Hi folks,

What do we think of adding subcategories under the Web category for vtk.js, vtk.wasm, Glance, and VolView? Glance and VolView are applications based on vtk.js, and there isn’t a community forum for them, and with vtk.wasm growing in importance, it would be great to have a subcategory for it.

I don’t think these topics rise to top-level categories, but subcategories under Web make sense. People interested in these categories can use Discourse’s notification facilities to follow those subcategories and respond to questions posted under them.

We have tags for glance, volview, vtkjs, and vtkwasm, but Discourse does not let you subscribe to tags.



This is a great idea! Is the Paraview discourse a better fit for Glance?

What was ParaView Glance is now Kitware Glance - so the connection to ParaView the desktop and HPC visualization application is even less now.

Agreed - Kitware Glance is more appropriately tied to vtk.js/web, particularly now that we also have VolView

+1. Having those subcategories will also help with each project linking to their own sub-category for discussion from their documentation.

These sub-categories have now been created:


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Outstanding! Thanks!

@Forrest - good news! I’ll work with Comm to reference these on the VolView webpage. I’ll make issues for adding these to the About boxes for Glance and VolView.