Successful rendering of QT & VTK WebAssembly

I’ve successfully rendered QT/VTK WebAssembly.
Qt version: 6.5
VTK version: 9.2.5

If you are interested, please DM me!!!


Great job! Can you share a screenshot of what it looks like?

Hi, @Sebastien_Jourdain

Sorry for my belated reply

I will share the screenshot asap

current screen is productive version’s screen, so I cant open

Hi @Miranda

Awesome! Would be cool if you can also share the results with the community.

I have the screenshot and it is really cool, but I can see why @Miranda can’t share it publicly here. It would be nice if we could capture such recipe as an example in VTK proper for others to learn from.


Hi @Jaswant
I’ll create a sample project so you can check it out and share the results asap.


Can you share how you did it, thank you!

Hi, @YaoDongcai

Since this is implemented in productive project, I need to create temporary projects for everyone.

please wait until I make that


Hi, I’m also exploring this, and is having a really hard time to make VTK works on web assembly, and I haven’t succeed so far. How do you make it work? It seems embeding a SDL2 window into Qt doesn’t play well on Web Assembly.

HI, SDL2 is impossible in current version QT, so I’ve developed with other method
But as you know, I didnt make the temporary project
so if you need urgently, let’s discuss in my project environment

Sure! I’m still egaring to learn the solution from you! It’s OK that you can’t share the actual code of your project, I just want to know the direction I should be exploring. Where should we have more detailed discussion instead of here (I don’t quite know what your project environment means)?

Hi, but Is it okay to talk about other platform?
I dont know well :grinning:

Hi, thanks for your reply! I’m not sure about whether we can reference other platforms here as well, but maybe we can use e-mails to have more convenience talks? My e-mail address is :slight_smile:

Hi, I’m working on this, can you provide some ideas without too much detail?