trame: possibilities of frontend and backend separation

Dear support,

Currently, I am thinking of using react-vtk-js for frontend and django for backend to build a webapp to do cloud-based FEM simulation. During the research, I found Trame recently, which is really easy to use and extend. However, separation of front- and back-end using trame seems to be not straight forward (I think it is possible, but don’t know how). Since trame is integrated with vtk.js, is it possible to integrate trame with react for frontend development? If positive, it might be much more convenient than starting from scratch with react-vtk-js.

Best regards!
Jack Shen

If you are planing to use Django and react (react-vtk-js), I’m not sure where trame will be use here?
Trame is really meant for per user server side processing and possible remote rendering. Thing imply some kind of launcher to support multiple users.

Can you explain what you hope to get out of trame with your setup (django+react)?

Dear Sebastien,

I know this may sound silly. Since trame deals with the javascript part in the backend, can we reverse the process by using trame to generate the javascript part for vtk.js that could be reused in the frontend with react?

Trame don’t generate JavaScript in the way you think. Trame define a server and generate the HTML template for Vue.js so it can be connected to that server and drive it.

If your goal is to have trame generate JS without a trame server, it will not work regardless the JS technology (vue or react).