Trame raycast is low in example './trame-tutorial/01_vtk/'

Dear Trame team, my computer(Win11) has intel i7 cpu (6 cpu cores) , when i am runing example ‘./trame-tutorial/01_vtk/’ (vtkFixedPointVolumeRayCastMapper is used in this example) , only about 30% cpu is working(not 100% as expected), the raycast rendering is quite slow. Can you give me any suggestions to fix this? thanks in advance.

I have tried 'volumeMapper.SetNumberOfThreads(12) ’ but not working.

This is not web related. It is a general VTK question about volume rendering.

In general any rendering operation is leveraging your GPU rather than your CPU unless you pick a specific renderer that is GPU only like Ospray or a (OS)Mesa backend.

Thanks for your reply.