Transient vtkHDFReader off by a step

It looks like the vtkHDFReader displays data off by one time step; that is, it’s showing data for step 1 as step 0, data for step 2 as 1, and so on. The last time step is a repeat of the second-to-last time step.

This is reproducible in paraview with the transient_sphere.hdf example in the repo. The Modulator point data for the last two time steps is shown to be identical, even though it differs in the actual hdf file. See images below.


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HI @logantm2,

Thanks for posting and welcome to the VTK discourse!

I can reproduce the behavior you are describing and I will look into it.

For future reference, bugs like this one are usually better suited to the issue tracker at:

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Hi again @logantm2,

I have created a merge request to VTK that should rectify this behavior:

Thanks for bringing it up!

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My mistake! I’ll keep bug reports on gitlab from now on.

It’s also great to see that there are both users and interest in the vtkhdf format!