Turntable Interactor

In vtk.js is it be possible to stop the rolling which occurs when navigating a model - it would make navigating the models a whole lot simpler… see request previously posted on gitlab also explaining the feature request… any workaround suggestion much appreciated.

In VTK, it think this is vtkInteractorStyleTerrain. It does not seem like that style has been ported to vtk.js yet.

I’m not familiar with vtk.js, but perhaps it’s easy to customize an existing style or write your own, until vtkInteractorStyleTerrain is ported to vtk.js.

Thanks @estan - looks to me like this is the winning function, a shame this isn’t exposed in vtk.js yet. I don’t suppose you have an example how an existing style can be manipulated? I guess it would mean extending the following function below… perhaps by maintaining newViewUp as a constant [0,0,1] vector up direction?

I’m afraid I haven’t used vtk.js myself, so I don’t know exactly how you’d go about manipulating an existing style.

Someone more experienced with vtk.js can probably answer, like @Sebastien_Jourdain. Note that people may still be on Christmas/New Years holidays, so may take some time for an answer.