Unstructured Grids for Blender

Hello VTK users,

I’m developing a Blender add-on for editing 3D volume meshes. I’ve just added experimental support (import and export) for VTK Unstructured Grid (.vtu) ASCII format to the add-on. If you are interested, you can find the add-on and more information at github. Here is introduction:

Unstructured Grids (UG) is an add-on for Blender 2.80 for creating, importing, editing and exporting of 3D volume meshes composed of arbitrary polyhedron cells (a.k.a 3D unstructured grids). Add-on handles mesh topology and geometry (the definition of cells). Field data (cell data or point data) for the mesh is disregarded. Editing includes tasks like moving of selected vertices, deletion of existing cells, extrusion of new cells, and assignation of selected faces and cells to named boundaries and zones. The user of the add-on is assumed to know Blender modelling and material systems on a basic level.

PS. Thanks for VTK!


FYI I wrote documentation for Unstructured Grids Blender Add-on, it’s available at https://unstructured-grids.readthedocs.io/

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