Using itk-vtk-viewer from separate build

i using custom build forking from itk-vtk-viewer repo on github.
everything works as expected except for pinch zoom. the event is captured and the data seems to be handled but it doesnt zoom in/out when pinching.
when studying the variables in the event handlers i see that there are no gesture manipulators (which i think might be the reason for it not working).

any one has an idea on how to fix the issue?


Which itk-vtk-viewer are you refering to? When I google “itk-vtk-viewer” several repositories come up. Either way, if there is some gesture unhandled, maybe you should opean an inssue (via the “Issues” link in the project’s page in GitHub) or implement it yourself as a contribution. Many software are made opensource for this very reason.

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this is the viewer package I’m using.

also, i tried to use the native vtk.js but couldnt find how to render an nrrd file. can you maybe direct me to the relevant information?
is there a typescript supported version of vtk.js?

If that API is not responding to the pinch gesture, I think you’re better off reporting it here: Issues · Kitware/itk-vtk-viewer · GitHub .