Using vtkCutter on vtkPolyhedron cells with large number of vertices ( > 512)

I have a CFD dataset consisting of hex and polyhedral cells. When I try to apply vtkCutter using a plane on the dataset, VTK crashes for some polyhedral cells.
I then found that it was crashing when I tried to cut through a polyhedron which has more than 512 vertices.

I found a similar issue reported on Paraview :

I have a simple script which generates a polyhedron as shown below


In the script, I increase the number of the quadrilateral faces on the visible side in the image to increase the total number of vertices of the polyhedron.
I apply a vtkCutter on the polyhedron and my python VTK script crashes only when I have more than 512 vertices.

I am attaching a polyhedron cell with 514 vertices .
This polyhedron can be loaded in Paraview 5.4 and applying a slice filter on it crashes Paraview as well.

I am creating a simple polyhedron cell with all planar faces and bounds of the polyhedron are big enough (0,254,0,5,0,5)polyhedron_514verts.vtu (19.6 KB)


I reproduce on master. Could you open an issue on our gitlab ?

Created an issue at