Visualization on the web Webinar

Are you ready to join Kitware’s next free Webinar about web visualization tools ?

This webinar will happen this October and be focused on presenting Kitware’s open-source web libraries, frameworks and apps such as VTK.JS, ParaViewWeb, ParaViewGlance, Girder…

During this up to 30 minutes session, you will be able to follow our introduction and live demonstrations. You will also be able to interact with the presenter via the chat to ask questions or precisions.

It will happen on October 27th at 09h30 UTC/GMT +1:00 hour (Paris Time).

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Please join us at :

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Will there be a recording of the session? It sounds very interesting to me, but it’s rather early as I am in the US.

Yes ! The Stream will be recorded and available at the same URL.

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A quick reminder that the webinar is tomorrow !

Looks like thee was some issue with questions and the chat. We are sorry about that and will answers all the questions soon in the comment here as well as below the video.

Please find below answers to the chat questions.

what is a vtk backend server ?
how do I install a VTK backend server ?

If I use conda-forge, ther’se not vtk.web module. Do I have to build VTK specifically ?


Could you please tell us where do you draw the line between normal and large data

Something like multi-million points…

If we have billion of points to visualize with LOD, is client side rendering out of questions

No, client-side rendering is still doable. You need to come up with some LOD mechanism (e.g. send/stream data on-demand).

while VTK.js is pretty capable at rendering, there isn’t any VR control scheme, Do you have any plans to develop on this in the future ?

There is already some VR interactor supported (VRButtonPanManipulator). More can be added though. It is not a short-term goal though. We welcome any community contribution :slight_smile:

Please find below useful resources.

Client-side rendering:

Server-side rendering:

Data management:

Geospatial visualization: