Volume Rendering With VTK WebAssembly

I first want to say I appreciate all the work that has been done to be able to generate WebAssembly for browsers using VTK. My question is if there is ongoing work to get volume rendering working with WebAssembly? I know there were limitations with GLES, which doesn’t provide the full OpenGL functionality. Does this mean it will not be possible without changes to the GLES specifications? Are there workarounds that are being developed?


@ken-martin will know better but I think the way volume rendering is handled in VTK/C++ might not be easy to adapt so it can work efficiently in both world.

Last I checked it compiled and ran but failed with some shader errors. I know there have been some fixes in the VTK C++ code that may result in simple cases working now. But I haven’t tested it recently. There is no technical reason for it not to work, just webgl engines tend to be a bit more brittle on shader code and calls etc and were failing.

Thanks Ken. I have some of my ported VTK C++ polydata rendering code working in WebAssembly so when I get around to it I will see if my ported volume rendering code works also.

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