VTI Reslice Cursor Widget center in millimeters

I am facing some difficulties getting center of the reslice cursor widget state, in millimeters, (my VTI file is exported from DICOM series using dicom-exporter)

Does the center values of the reslice cursor widget state mean the center of the whole image or the center of the brain?

I don’t know what is the actual unit of measurement and I need to get the locations that the reslice cursor points to in millimeters (Sorry I’m new to vtk.js)
Here is what I’m getting on every onInteractionEvent after calling console.log(widget.getWidgetState().getCenter());


The unit is the same as the unit of your DICOM file.

The center is typically expressed in milimeters.
You may have to compare it relative to the “origin” (lower left corner) of your image.

I’m not sure why it the center does not move. It might be that onInteractionEvent is triggered three times, once for each plane…

Yes the center moves it’s working fine, (I did move it one time that’s why it is printed the same),

Yes the unit of my DICOM file is in milmeters,

Yes I got your idea of comparing the center to the origin ! so after that, the center will be relative to the image and not to the brain (the brain is the focal point relating to what I understood from docs)

Is there a way to get the center relative to the brain?