VTK 8.2.0 - come and get it!

(Dave DeMarle) #1

For more information check out this kitware blog post.

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(Bane Sullivan) #2

Any idea when the Python wheels will land? https://pypi.org/project/vtk/

(Dave DeMarle) #3

RC testing turned up incompatibilities between the VTK’s python changes and the wheel building scripts that will likely necessitate an 8.1.1 patch release. So it isn’t clear at all yet when they will be available.

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(Lorenz) #4

Conda also has problems to build vtk8.2.0. Help wanted: https://github.com/conda-forge/vtk-feedstock/pull/73

Windows seems to miss some python libraries. Linux seems to has problems with opengl2.

(Alex Kaszynski) #5

I’d really like for MathText to be enabled (equation rendering using matplotlib) in the latest wheel release.


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(Patrick Avery) #6

I’d also like the Python wheels to be on pypi. Hopefully they can be built and uploaded sometime soon.

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(Bane Sullivan) #7

FYI: 8.2.0 is on Conda-forge https://github.com/conda-forge/vtk-feedstock

conda install -c conda-forge vtk

Personally, I’m still using the 8.1.2 wheel on PyPI because 8.2.0 has some hard to deal with conflicts with matplotlib (and we limited PyVista’s VTK dependency because of these issues)

(Bane Sullivan) #8

Actually, I switched to conda’s 8.2.0 build of VTK and haven’t experienced any problems over the last month.

any updates on why PyPI is still at 8.1.2? https://pypi.org/project/vtk/

Also, how hard would it be to push dev releases of the VTK wheel to PyPI - like having a conda channel dedicated to building the master branch of VTK proper