VTK 9.2.2 is out

VTK 9.2.2 is finally out. This release comes with Python wheels for Python 3.10 and SDKs for building further wheels based on VTK’s C++ API. Python 3.11 is not included as our dependencies don’t seem to be ready yet.

Downloads: https://vtk.org/download/

Release notes: https://gitlab.kitware.com/vtk/vtk/-/blob/master/Documentation/release/9.2.md

Thanks to all contributors!


Ben - are those the only changes as compared to 9.2-rc2?

If you mean 9.2.0-RC2, not at all. This are the changes between 9.2.2 and 9.1.0.

Yeah I realize that - I was referring to the text in Ben’s post about python wheels and the such.

Better question: what ARE the changes between 9.2-rc2 and 9.2.2?

Great thanks!

Right, there was nothing that warranted a release note (apparently), so…

The metadata fixes didn’t seem relevant to release notes at the time (though the macOS x86_64 wheel losing its (false) “univeral2” moniker being fixed did affect one group).

Thanks @ben.boeckel - was just trying to figure out whether it was worth building that version or just sticking with rc2 - which I think I will do for now!