VTK 9.2.4 is out

VTK 9.2.4 is out.[^1] This release comes with Python wheels for Python 3.11 and SDKs for building further wheels based on VTK’s C++ API. It also improves compatibility for newer NumPy (1.24+) and Matplotlib (3.6+) releases by removing usage of long-deprecated APIs that have finally been removed.

Downloads: https://vtk.org/download/ (once the holiday is over and the site is updated by those with the power to do so; the wheels and their SDKs are in the normal places though)

Release notes: https://gitlab.kitware.com/vtk/vtk/-/blob/master/Documentation/release/9.2.md

Thanks to all contributors!

[^1]: I forgot to backport the 3.11 wheel CI jobs to 9.2.3, so that’s why it was skipped.


Nice work all! Really appreciate having VTK for the current Python release.