VTK Change of License?

I noticed this MR is changing the VTK License from Apache 2.0 to the 3 clause BSD license. What is the reasoning behind this change?

Here is a summary of the differences.

There is no change in license. This is just a WIP to explore a few ideas for organizing the license/copyright information in all the source files. I was waiting to post to discourse once I have enough free cycles to devote to it … but looks like the cat is out of the bag.

Anyways, the motivation is to move license/copyright information stubs out of each source file and instead place them in some common files that are referenced in the headers/sources. That way, when the copyright needs to be updated, for example, there’s just 1 place to update it.

Eventually, the modularization system will support processing these files to give run-time information for all licenses/copyrights affecting the modules enabled for a particular build.

p.s. the README.md in VTK says the following, that’s where I got the draft text for the source file header from, is that incorrect?:

VTK is distributed under the OSI-approved BSD 3-clause License.

Bill, are you thinking of ITK’s license, which is Apache 2.0?

Phew. Retaining the current license and providing a link to license and a common place for copyrights makes a lot of sense.