vtk-commit list broken?

Hi all,

Is it me or did messages to the vtk-commit list stop? I filter those mails and don’t always check that folder, but it seems there have been none for a few weeks:




The vtk.org repo it was watching shut down. @brad.king maybe we should point the vtk-commits emailer to gitlab.kitware.com?

The vtk-commits list belongs to the same mailman infrastructure that was running the now-disabled vtkusers and vtk-developers mailing lists. The commits list is no longer available either. Messages came from a hook running on vtk.org's repo, which is no longer updated. It isn’t a third-party service that looks at a specified repo or anything like that.

I find it really useful to follow what changed recently in VTK. Before updating my own VTK, I read through the recent commit emails to see if there’s something new and interesting to try, or if classes I rely on were changed a lot. Or when something breaks for me, I’ll search that folder for recent commits related to a file/class name.

Not sure how to keep track without this. :frowning:

You’re keeping mailman running for the archives, right? Can’t you re-enable that list?


You can “Watch” the VTK project on gitlab to be notified of merge request activity, new issues, and so on. You can also customize the notifications you will receive, such as when merge requests are merged.

Do you do that using the Subscribe button on https://gitlab.kitware.com/vtk/vtk/activity? If I click on it all I get is a web page of xml text.

That gives you an RSS feed.

To get email notifications, head to https://gitlab.kitware.com/vtk/vtk/. Look for the icon circled in red:

Click on this menu to select which email notifications you get. “Custom” lets you tailor the events you notified about in email.

Found it, thank you so much. This will save a lot of manual searching!