VTK Examples - Qt addition and updates

A new addition to the Qt examples is Qt/MinimalQtVTKApp thanks to Julian Fausty.

I also noticed that four of the existing Qt examples used the same boring image, a tomato coloured sphere on a blue background. These examples were reworked to use Platonic Solids. Additionally, BorderWidgetQt actually didn’t work, it is now fixed. The ShareCameraQt example now uses a cone. As a result, this has vastly impoived the look of the online examples section in vtkGenericOpenGLRenderWindow

Platonic solids were used because I have also updated PlatonicSolids: C++ and Python to individually orient the solids.

I will also look at FourPaneViewer and TouchGestureViewer and maybe bring them across into these Qt examples.


Very nice, hopefully you are no longer bored!

No longer bored! Also experimenting with vtkFlyingEdgesPlaneCutter. I’ve been looking at the tests trying to figure out a good example.

Thanks for the shout out @amaclean!