vtk-examples Repository Scraping

I have just completed a major rewrite of ScrapeRepo.py. This script generates all the markdown files for the web.

Please let me know it you see any issues on the web pages e.g missing/bad links or missing images.

Here is a summary of the last run, Doxygen refers to links to online documentation and Thumbnails refers to links to images. The figures here are the same as for the old version, except for Python where two extra files were picked up.

ScrapeRepo Summary
  C++ examples:             1058
  CSharp examples:          121
  Python examples:          384
  Java examples:            233
  Total examples:           1796
  Tarballs:                 1058
  Doxygen added:            2432
  Thumbnails added:         1947
  Test Image Cache hits:    1613
  Test Image Cache misses:  0
  VTK Modules Cache hits:   1058
  VTK Modules Cache misses: 0
Time taken: 2.655s

Please see !228 for more details.