VTK Hackathon

Recently some stars have aligned and we’d like to hold a VTK hackathon on April 18, 2019. We will begin at 9:00am EDT and run through early afternoon. We will reserve a conference room(s) at various Kitware offices (so non-Kitware VTK contributors can join in person) as well as sharing a video link.

At this point let’s identify a theme for the hackathon. Obviously just getting together in person or via video is great, but there are a lot of outstanding issues that could benefit from some extra focus. Please suggest some potential topics and we’ll select something based on community interest.



Please, please address all the issues with the vtkCubeAxesActor! This class simply isn’t cutting it if trying to make publication-quality plots. See:

This has become issue enough that I’m thinking of creating an entirely new pure-Python implementation of an axes labeler: https://github.com/vtkiorg/vtki/issues/147


Hi! It would be awesome if you could develop a vtkGIFwriter like there is a vtkAVIwriter!
Even if gif is an old unoptimised format it’s still largely used and under python there is no easy alternative other than export image and convert them with some external applications…

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@will.schroeder @Dave_DeMarle : KEU will participate from our office in Lyon, France !

The Kitware Europe team, based in Lyon-France , will welcome anybody willing to contribute to a VTK Hackathon on April 18 afternoon, starting at 2:00 pm.
To be able to come on-site, please register using this link :

L’équipe Kitware Europe basée à Lyon, accueille tous ceux qui voudraient contribuer à un Hackathon VTK le 18 avril, après-midi, à partir de 14 h.
Afin de pouvoir y accéder, merci de vous enregistrer avec ce lien :

After poking around a bit, it seems the focus of Thursday’s upcoming VTK hackathon will be on closing open merge requests, and secondarily working on outstanding issues.

If you are not a Kitware employee and plan on attending at a Kitware office, please make sure you let someone know you are coming! It helps to plan for food and other logistics.

Hello - Can we include vtk-dicom ( written by David Gobbi ) into vtk so that when we do a pip install vtk we have access to the vtk-dicom classes? This will help in doing the CT Gantry tilt and reading multframe images.

Many Thanks

Join us virtually on google meet here:

Or via phone here:
‪+1 720-500-3266‬ PIN: ‪908 170 559‬#

And here is a shared scratch space for writing down notes and ideas and recording out progress.

We have been tagging issues with triage:easy here.

I’ll be joining in an hour, 8PDST

That would be up to @dgobbi. If it is to be included in the pip packages, I’d rather it be in VTK itself rather than a remote module. That will ensure that it gets tested and updated with VTK.


yeah agree to the point that it be included into VTK itself it then becomes simple to get to work with medical images.

Scroll down to the end of the topic to see issues.


I’d like to solicit again for updates to the vtkCubeAxesActor outlined in my comment above! I don’t have time open an issue today but this is a major issue for the vtki community.

If anyone is interested in helping here, it would be greatly appreciated!! Perhaps even just opening an issue on the repo listing all the issues and what a solution might look like.

Happy hacking!