VTK.js Courses?

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I am a maintainer over at cornerstone-tools, and we get a large number of requests for 2D/3D MPR functionality. Often times, we point our users toward:

However, I often find myself wishing I could provide more resources and guidance. We’ve recently made it easier to incorporate external libraries and 3rd party tools with Cornerstone, and it’s a personal goal of mine to create a few new tools that leverage VTK.js that can be used by the community in their viewers, and as a learning tool / starting point.

I see that there is a course offering for VTK, but are there any plans to offer courses for VTK.js? Is there a path or existing resources you would recommend as well?

Hi Danny,

Kitware offers courses at customer’s site for various group size.
If you are looking for the courses we offer near our offices (NY, NC, NM), I don’t necessary have a good picture of what and when such course would happen. Hopefully someone else from Kitware could shade some light on that topic. But if we have a decent crowd requesting such a course, Kitware will be happy to consider it.

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Thanks for the quick reply, @Sebastien_Jourdain!

That makes sense. Does Kitware offer “remote” courses? The company I work for, and the Cornerstone Community, are 100% remote. I may be able to organize and acquire funding for Cornerstone’s core maintainers to receive education if a remote option were possible.

Is there a “best place” to keep my ears to the ground for murmurings of VTK.js course offerings near your offices?

General courses are usually advertise on the mailing list / discourse. So just by being here and following the VTK discourse, should be good enough.

For a remote course option, if it is just for your company, that should be manageable. I’m not sure for a bigger crowd, we may not have the proper infrastructure. (Although, I don’t know.)

For sure, I’ve done a day long vtk.js course remotely that was tailored to our customer.

I think @Andinet_Enquobahrie has something plan at some point which will likely include some vtk.js in the near future. But I don’t know how open that event will be. Hopefully he will be able to comment.

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A hands-on vtk.js tutorial will be included in the free 3-day biomedical image analysis course offered March 12-14, 2019, at Kitware’s Carrboro, NC, USA office. Please see the announcement for the course posted here: Free Biomedical Image Analysis and Visualization 3-day Course.

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:wave: Hello @dannyrb, How are you?
I have one problem during using cornerstoneTools
I am using TextMarkerTool with CornerstoneTools ^4.20.1

When click mouse left, displayed ‘Please enter text’ but I can’t edit this text.
Directly, when click double in text, alert don’t display like sample

I hope you help me
Thank you in advance