vtk js dashed lines?

Hi there,
I am using VTK js and I am producing lines as vtkpolydata.
I would like to know if there is an option to render these lines in an actor as dashed lines.
I can find the option in c++ and python, but not in JS.

Can someone indicate me which version of VTK JS already includes this? Or, if it is not present there, a way to call webGL to activate this option?

Best regards!

I don’t think this is supported with webgl. You are better off generating your dashed lines manually.

Thanks for your input.
I am doing that now in C++ but it looks a bit ugly.
Do you think there is any example laying around to make line segments with equal length?

Best regards

I can’t think of a good example. Given a line segment, I’d divide its length by the number of dash transitions you want, and then generate new line segments in a dash pattern as you traverse along your line.

exactly what I was thinkin, Forrest. Thanks!