Vtk.js: Display vtkImageData with cellData

Hi everyone, I’m trying to render cell data with vtkImageData to do something like a powermap. In my code I’m setting my cell data and when I add actor to the renderer, I have an error related to the pointData of my imageData. How do I tell the actor that I want to render my cellData ?
The error I get:

This is my code:

let xDim = 50;

let yDim = 50;

let zDim = 2;

let xSpacing = 1;

let ySpacing = 1;

let zSpacing = 1;

let cellArray = new Int16Array((xDim - 1) * (yDim - 1) * (zDim - 1));

let n = (xDim - 1) * (yDim - 1) * (zDim - 1);

for (let i = 0; i < n; i++) {

    cellArray[i] = (Math.floor(Math.random() * 2) + 0);


let array = vtkDataArray.newInstance({

    name: "Cell",

    numberOfComponents: 1,

    values: cellArray,


const imageData = vtkImageData.newInstance();

imageData.setDimensions([xDim, yDim, zDim]);

imageData.setSpacing([xSpacing, ySpacing, zSpacing]);




We don’t have any geometry filter inside vtk.js and right now, you can only render a vtkImageData with VolumeRendering and vtkPolydata with GeometryRendering.

To allow what you need, you need a filter that convert your vtkImageData into a vtkPolydata by only extracting the skin of your dataset so you can render it as geometry with the coloring happening on the cells.

Such filter can easily be written for image data though. For other types of mesh it will be way trickier.

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