[vtk.js]How to apply imagestreamlines linewidth

I have been trying to implement “Stream Lines Presentation plugin”(https://blog.kitware.com/new-animated-stream-lines-representation-for-paraview-5-3/) in Paraview as vtk.js, so I have been looking at Imagestreamline Filiter in vtk.js.
That being said, when I used the vtk.js Imagestreamline example code(https://kitware.github.io/vtk-js/examples/ImageStreamline.html), I am unable to apply one of its property, 'linewidth".

Example code:
addRepresentation(‘streamLine’, sline, {
diffuseColor: [0, 1, 1],
lineWidth: 5,

Is there a way to fix this problem?

lineWidth is something that is not supported in WebGL and it will require a fair amount of effort to enable it for WebGL.

Another solution could be to use the tube filter after the streamline one.

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Your answer was very helpful. Thank you. I will try looking at WebGL

So, I’ve only been testing it on Windows10 until now but today I tested it on linux(centos7) web browser and linewidth worked fine. Do you know the reason for it?

Yes it is up to the browser to either respect the lineWidth information or not.
The WebGL spec does not enforce it. It is part of the undefined behavior.