Vtk.js issue tracker update...

Today we went through vtk.js issue tracker to label and close any fixed bugs or answered questions.
During that process we didn’t necessarily updated code to fix issues but mostly clean up our process to better track and handle issues going forward.

Basically the idea is as follow:

  • For a question, use VTK/Web discourse Here
  • For a bug/feature request use the issue tracker with the proper labels and description (template)

The labels are organized in 3 categories which will help us identify the person who can tackle it:

  • Module:
    • This mostly specify the area involved which should mostly match the root structure of the source tree along with other categories such as “build”, “examples” and "documentation.
  • Status:
    • Confirmed: Someone from the team validated the veracity of the entry. (A real bug)
    • Duplicated: Label duplicate entry. When adding such label a reference to the original issue should be provided.
    • Needs Info: The vtk.js team needs more input to trully tackle such entry. Any labeled issue older than a year will be automatically closed.
    • Triage: mostly internal label to draw a special attention for further investigation for experts in the subject.
  • Type:
    • Bug: When not working as it should.
    • Feature Request: You are missing something that you would like to see in vtk.js
    • Performance: The code works but perform poorly
    • Question: Those should be handled on discourse but in case not, we can tag them…

You might be wondering which label you should use. If you don’t know, don’t worry, we will add them for you. Just do your best in helping us so we can better help you.

And for the stats we started with 194 open issues. Now we are at 76…

Congrats to the all team who helped in that process!

A big thanks to @Forrest @ken-martin @agirault @Stephen_Aylward and @finetjul !

We’ve also added an Hall of Fame label to tag any entry with important informations/comments that should not be lost.

That’s it for our update, now it is time to enjoy your weekend!