vtk.js LinePlot

I’m new to vtk.js and after taking a look at vtk documentation I found the LinePlot example but I could not find that for vtk.js. Does anyone know if there is something similar already implemented for vtk.js that I can use to draw some charts? Any suggestion/advice?

Just to give some context I’m working with 4D datasets and I need to show some computed values over time.

Thanks in advance

For non 3D stuff you should look at libraries like D3, chart.js or plotly.

Want to follow up this question in more detail for 2D plot, just curious for web applications whether there is possibilty to code using vtk.js.

  • I understand, chart.js, D3 can do 2d plot. But whether they have server side rendering. Server side rendering not only to resolve resource problem, some time for security reason. We don’t want to bring data onto user local machine.

  • If use client side rendering, can we do it in vtk.js? ( from previous answer, seems we cannot). Can we confirm this, I didnot find any example for vtkCharXY using vtk.js.

  • If user server side rendering, use python to render vtkCharXY seems quite straight forward. So once server rendering on vtkChartXY is ready, use same client code as vtk.js (kitware.github.io) can we render chart??

  1. ok

  2. No chart for client side rendering is supported in vtk.js and it won’t be something we would like to pursue due to the crowded space.

  3. vtk.js should be able to be used to display server side rendering of vtkChartXY. (not tested which means you may run into small issue that will need some fixe)