VTK.JS MultiSliceImageMapper example

I have a question about VES (OpenGL ES mobile version) & KiwiViewer to view medical volumes on mobile. I could not find anything on the Kitware site. A repository for VES appeared from another developer GITHUB and I did check it out and I tried to build it on windows in using Cmake and vs2019. I get stream of error?! I am not sure whether this is due to vs2019 or other reason. does anybody have any idea where to look for the VES package for mobile OpenGL.
link to repo:GitHub - jeymichael/VES: VTK OpenGL ES Rendering Toolkit (http://www.vtk.org/Wiki/VES)
2) I cannot get hold of KiwiViewer tool on App Store in window either does anyone know where it is located and how to download it?