[vtk.js] Using image stream with a RenderWindow instead of a full screen renderer


I’m trying to follow the imagestream demo, but using two render windows instead of the full screen renderer. Under the hood, it looks like the full screen renderer uses the render window to attach itself to the body, but we aren’t able to get acces to getOpenGLRenderWindow().setViewStream(viewStream); using the vtkRenderWindow we’ve set up.

Could you explain what you are trying to do? We may have easier path for you.

We want to be able to get an image from our server using imagestream into a ScreenRenderer on our page, and ideally multiple images through image stream on a single page. The current example of ImageStream is using a full screen renderer, when we are trying to swap it out with the ScreenRenderer we are not able to access getOpenGLRenderWindow().setViewStream(viewStream) or use any other renderer other than the FullScreenRenderer. Thank you for your help!

A better approach is to use RemoteView.