Vtk.js, VTP Volume Rendering

Does Vtk.js support volume rendering/ volume contours from vtp files? If it can’t are there any workaround for it? I have data that is in a vtp format and I would like to do the same things with it as if they were vti files(slicing, iso-surfaces and such). Is there a way that vtk.js can accomplish that?

vtk.js supports rendering 3D geometry (see GeometryViewer), and you can use vtkCutter to slice geometry.

I guess the question is, can I render an unstructured grid structure like with vtp without losing the internal area. Well but the area inside is empty when I use a vtp datafile. It seems that it’s just the outer surface that is being rendered and there is no volume inside that surface. I am trying to do the same operations on the vtp file as a vdi file. I want to be able to slice the vtp object and use a scaler colormap to see the changes in color as I slice layer by layer.

vtk.js provide the rendering pipeline of VTK/C++ which means that you can do VolumeRendering with vtkImageData and Geometry rendering with vtkPolyData.

In term of processing we don’t have the same support as VTK/C++ that will automatically convert filter output to a vtkPolyData so it can be rendered in an interactive manner when you do contour, clip and slices.

To achieve such interactivity in the web without a server that has VTK or ParaView. Your best bet would be to use VTK with WebAssembly.

Otherwise you can go the route of ParaViewWeb for dynamic data processing and use vtk.js on the client side to either render the dynamically generated geometry (polydata) or a remote rendered image.