VTK point cloud and mesh filters for downsampling, registration, ICP transform

In the context of the SlicerMorph project (details below). We are looking to improving existing VTK filters or develop new ones.


Following a suggestion of @will.schroeder , I am reaching out to understand which existing filters have been developed ?

Needed VTK Filters

Details about input and outputs are documented in this google document

(a) Mesh downsampling into point cloud (Voxelgrid downsampling)

(b) Point-to-plane implementation of iterative closest point (ICP) transform

(c) Point cloud registration to align meshes global

(d) ICP with/without scaling

(e) Deformable mesh registration.

Current implementation

(a), (b), (c) and (d) are currently done in SlicerMorph using open3d

(e) is done using pycpd or bcpd (accelerated version)

What is SlicerMorph ?

3D Slicer extension spearheaded & developed by @muratmaga and @smrolfe

The toolkit enables biologists to retrieve, visualize, measure, annotate, and perform geometric morphometric analyses from high-resolution specimen data both from volumetric scans (CTs and MRs) as well as from 3D surface scanners effectively within 3D Slicer.

Learn more at https://slicermorph.github.io/ and https://github.com/SlicerMorph/SlicerMorph#readme

Source: SlicerMorph: An open and extensible platform to retrieve, visualize and analyze 3D morphology

cc: @dgobbi @lassoan