VTK training courses at the end of January 2024

VTK (Beginner) and (Advanced):

Kitware will be hosting two remote VTK training courses at the end of January!

  • VTK (Beginner) on January 29th - 30th from 1pm - 5pm EST
  • VTK (Advanced) on January 31st - February 1st from 1pm - 5pm EST

Be sure to register for the courses using the codes VTKBEGINNERCOURSE and VTKADVANCEDCOURSE for a 20% off registration discount! Students save 40% with registration code STUDENT40!

For more information, see:
VTK (Beginner): https://www.kitware.com/courses/vtk-beginner-course/
VTK (Advanced): https://www.kitware.com/courses/vtk-advanced-course/

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