I just upgraded from VTK-8.1.2 to VTK-9.0.0 and am getting a new segmentation fault:

WARN| Error: no override found for ‘vtkRayCastImageDisplayHelper’.
Segmentation fault: 11

The offending line in my code is
m_smartVolumeMapperSurfaceRendered = vtkSmartPointer::New();

where the smart pointer has been declared in the corresponding .h file
vtkSmartPointer m_smartVolumeMapperSurfaceRendered;

I’m wondering if it is because, to get CMake to Configure and Generate, I had to remove the depreciated line in my CMake file


but have not replaced it with anything.

Otherwise, it seems strange that I suddenly can’t declare a vtkSmartVolumeMapper object after upgrading VTK.

Any help would be appreciated.

You’ll need to use the autoinit macros to do the work that find_package used to do behind the scenes.

target_link_libraries(mytarget ${any_vis} VTK::ModuleName1 VTK::ModuleName2)
# Add the following line.
vtk_module_autoinit(TARGETS mytarget MODULES VTK::ModuleName1 VTK::ModuleName2)

That worked!! Here are the two key lines in my CMake file for my project “bonezone”

target_link_libraries(bonezone ${Glue} ${VTK_LIBRARIES} ${ITK_LIBRARIES} ${OpenCV_LIBS})
vtk_module_autoinit(TARGETS bonezone MODULES ${VTK_LIBRARIES} )

Many thanks.

How about include dirs? ${VTK_INCLUDE_DIRS} is empty and the generated project has no reference to VTK dirs at all when I check in visual studio :frowning: ???

Use the targets. They get you everything you need.

Thanks, solved it! I also had to put it after linked_targets call in cmake :confused: that solved it for me!

Before VTK 9, I was still able to compile this rather old lib found in the VTK journal.

My knowledge of C++ and CMake being more or less void, is there an easy fix to this CMakeList to make it VTK 9-compilable?

project( vtkMeshGeodesics )

find_package( VTK REQUIRED )
include( ${VTK_USE_FILE} )

set( vtkMeshGeodesics_SRCS
  vtkPolygonalSurfaceContourLineInterpolator2.cxx )
set( vtkMeshGeodesics_HDRS
  vtkPolygonalSurfaceContourLineInterpolator2.h )


add_library( vtkMeshGeodesics
  ${vtkMeshGeodesics_HDRS} )
target_link_libraries( vtkMeshGeodesics MeshGeodesics )

Removing the VTK_USE_FILE line removes the CMake warning but compilation terminates with: fatal error: vtkPolyDataAlgorithm.h: file not found

I tried appending

  TARGETS vtkMeshGeodesics

“[…]” being replaced by the list of all VTK modules I could find with a very subtle: grep "Create imported target VTK::" VTK-9.0.1/build/lib/cmake/vtk-9.0/VTK-targets.cmake | cut -c25- but it did not help.

So… is this easily fixable?

try using include_directories(${VTK_INCLUDE_DIRS}) instead of
include( ${VTK_USE_FILE} ) :slight_smile:

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I also had to add target_link_libraries( vtkMeshGeodesics MeshGeodesics ${VTK_LIBRARIES} ) for all the includes to be found! Now it doesn’t compile, but for other reasons. Thanks @Mathilde!