[VTK Wasm] Axes do not show up when using axes actor

We have been trying to use VTK Axes actors to display an axes triad on the scene. In this term, we have followed the instructions stated in this particular example: examples.vtk.org/site/Cxx/Interaction/CallBack/. However, the axes do not show up in the UI and they do not seem to be present at all. On that regard, I was just wondering if there are some additional steps that we need to do to get it working or are there any missing instructions in the example?

It looks like that because you are using vtkNew inside a function, your axes and orientation marker are being deleted immediately after you set them up. axes and orientationMarker can still use vtkNew, but should be class member variables.

Can you create and init the orientationMarker elsewhere during app startup and pass it as a function argument to apply_axes()?

Hi, yes. That is what I did and it worked! Thanks!